Byuzand Yeremyan was born in 1983 in Yerevan Armenia. He graduated from Samvel Gevorgyan high school and attended The Armenian Institute of Civil Engineering before moving to United State . Byuzand is happily married to his high school sweetheart Anahit. They have three kids together, daughter Ani who shares a love of history just like her father, sons Alex and Davit. Currently Byuzand holds position as a Vice President of Diverse Segment Group of U.S. Bank and has been with the bank since June of 2006.

Byuzand is currently attending Pacific Cost Graduate School for Banking for his graduate degree. Byuzand believes in giving back to community and helping others, he has been involved with other organizations and his board services include Treasurer of Lone Tree Art Center Fund and he currently serves as President of U.S. Bank Development Network.

Byuzand’s passion always have been Armenian history, Armenian culture and of course food.

Email: byuzand.yeremyan@armeniansofcolorado.org



Narek Poghosyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1982. Narek graduated Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas in 2004 majoring in bassoon teaching and performance. Narek’s passion for music led him to start his career as an artist, playing bassoon in Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet from 2005 to 2010. Narek had the honor of serving in Armenian military from 2004 to 2006. Narek is happily married to Ruzanna Avetisyan and has 2 lovely daughters, Zhanna and Ani. Narek and his family moved to Colorado in 2010, and have been actively involved in the Armenian community ever since. Narek is currently a CRA Mortgage Loan Originator at US Bank.

Email: narek.poghosyan@armeniansofcolorado.org



Karnig Arabian was born in Beirut, Lebanon, where he grew up with his parents and two brothers. In 1986 Karnig immigrated to Canada where he lived until 1998. During this period he attended the University of Ottawa where he graduated with an Accounting and Finance degree. He subsequently got his CMA and CPA designations. In 1998 Karnig moved to the United States where he lived in Florida, New York and Chicago. In 2016 he moved to Boulder, CO with his wife Sarah and their three children Kaiyane, Raffi and Kami. Karnig now works as a software consultant specializing in Financial systems. He is an avid runner and cyclist and a lifelong lover of soccer, the beautiful game. When he is not working or coaching his son’s soccer team, Karnig is likely to be found running the trails around Boulder, cycling the mountain roads, hiking or skiing with his family.

Email: karnig.arabian@armeniansofcolorado.com



Moisey Agasiev, originally Terbagdasaryan. Born in Krasnodar, Russia to an Armenian family. At the age of 10 immigrated to US, specifically Glendale, CO. Didn’t realize there were many Armenians in Colorado until I started working for US Bank in 2017 and met, the now president of AOC, Byuzand Yeremyan. After meeting him I met 4 more Armenians working for the same bank. This is when I got a bit excited to have met “my own people”. Following years after I was able to volunteer at AOC and help with a picnic. Loved it! Then life got in the way and I focused a bit more on my career and self so I stopped helping out. Byuzand approached me once again and this time to help with a concern. So I did. Again, this brought me joy and I, after accepting the invite to joint AOC, joined and happy I’ve done so. Excited to make good friends.


Email: moisey.agasiev@armeniansofcolorado.org



Christian was born in Los Angels, CA in 1986. In 1995 Christian and his family moved to Colorado where he has made Denver his home ever since .
Christian’s back ground in International business afforded him the opportunity in establishing a career in real estate and finance.
Growing up as a proud French-Armenian, Christian’s passion for the Armenian culture grew over the years as he joined Homenetmen Sports league at a young age and other Armenian events. As he grew older he believed he needed to help build and promote the Armenian community and culture. Following in his parents footsteps, Jean-Pierre & Caroline Younit long time AOC board member/Volunteer, decided to join AOC in 2020

Email: christian.younit@armeniansofcolorado.org



Narek Sargsyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia. He did his undergraduate degree in Business Administration (Major: Accounting) at American university of Armenia. Narek is a graduate of Colorado State University as well. He did his Master’s degree in Finance. Narek Founded school transportation company in Armenia and worked in various accounting, financial and insurance positions. Currently he is living in Denver, Colorado and is working at Fidelity Investments as a financial representative. He is very passionate what he is doing and very enthusiastic about uniting Armenian community. Narek is serving in the board of Armenians of Colorado Inc. from 2020. He enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Email: narek.sargsyan@armeniansofcolorado.org

2021-Tigran-Headshot 2


Tigran Muradyan was born in the vibrant city of Yerevan, Armenia. In 2000, he moved to the United States and settled in Colorado, where he pursued his education and career.
Tigran graduated with honors from the University of Colorado Denver, where he majored in International Studies and minored in Law. Tigran Muradyan is a highly experienced wealth manager with 15 years of expertise in the financial industry. He specializes in serving ultra-high net-worth clients and helping them mitigate tax consequences through advanced tax and estate planning strategies.
In addition to his professional background, Tigran is a devoted family man who cherishes spending time with his loved ones. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Emily, and together they are proud parents to a beautiful daughter named Olivia Anahit who is 1 year old. They also share their home with their adorable furry family member Oliver the PomChi, and a foreign exchange student, Violet.
Tigran enjoys traveling, reading, and exploring new cuisines. He is deeply committed to his community and is always looking for ways to give back. Tigran is fluent in Armenian, Russian, and English, and is passionate about sharing his cultural heritage with those around him.
In addition to serving on the Board of Armenians of Colorado, Tigran is also a board member of Meduni, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing medical aid and education to underserved communities.
Additionally, he is a proud member of Mantashov, the largest Armenian entrepreneurs club, which connects and supports Armenian business owners around the world.

Email: tigran.muradyan@armeniansofcolorado.org