Genocide Awareness

July 10, 2020 - HB20-1336
Holocaust And Genocide Studies In Public Schools

Concerning requiring the satisfactory completion of a course that includes Holocaust and genocide studies as a condition of high school graduation in public schools.

April 24, 2015 - Armenian Khachkar

Colorado shined in 2015 with groundbreaking events in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. Educational events included internationally-known speakers Dr. David Fulton – regional director of Facing History & Ourselves, David Barsamian – founder of Alternative Radio, Hratch Kozibeyokian – expert of Armenian Orphan Rugs, and Dr. Susan Pattie – expert of genocide-era artifacts. Centennial highlights included the April 21 premiere of Emmy-winning composer Denise Gentilini’s I AM ALIVE Musical at the Newman Center for Performing Arts and the April 24 Armenian Genocide Khachkar Memorial Unveiling by Governor John Hickenlooper. To thank Colorado for its unmatched support for Armenian Genocide victims since 1915, AOC and ANCA-Colorado hosted a Colorado We Thank You gala in September.

April 20, 2012 - Colorado Day of Remembrance of The Armenian Genocide

DENVER, Colo.—On Friday

April 20, 2012, the Colorado General Assembly unanimously voiced their approval for the 11th annual Armenian Genocide Resolution, designating April 24 as Colorado Day of Remembrance of The Armenian Genocide. The resolution was spearheaded by Armenians of Colorado (AOC) Genocide Commemoration Committee chairperson, Kim Christianian in 2002, with the help of committee members Ken Allikian and Simon Maghakyan. “Each year we update the language of the resolution to bring awareness to the continuous injustices that are placed on the Christian minorities in Turkey,” says Christianian. Last year, Colorado led the states with language in their resolution calling for the return of Christian properties confiscated during the genocide. “This year, we added language about the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, which named Turkey as one of the 16 most egregious and systematic violators of religious freedom in the world,” says Christianian.

“Yerevan, Armenia – October 28, 2009. Eternal flame in Tsitsernakaberd. Tsitsernakaberd is a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide in 1915. Yerevan, Armenia. The eternal flame inside the memorial.”

State Senator Lois Tochtrop has been the primary sponsor of the resolution since 2002, back when she was a State Representative in the House. “We have had several House sponsors over the years, but for last two years we have had Representative Su Ryden as our advocate in the House chamber,” says, Ken Allikian.

In addition to the annual resolution, AOC has for thirty years obtained annual Mayoral and Gubernatorial Armenian Genocide commemorative proclamations (needs to be a link to 2012-Armenian-Genocide-Remembrance.pdf PDF is in folder). This year, the proclamations were submitted by AOC board member, Rafael Saakyan.

The resolution was followed by the annual commemoration ceremony on Sunday April 22, organized by AOC and the Genocide Commemoration Committee. Simon Maghakyan acted as MC and the guest speakers included Senator Lois Tochtrop and Representive Su Ryden.

Reverend Father Zaven Markosyan delivered the invocation in the Senate and at the commemoration ceremony. A crowd of over 150 attended the ceremony held in The Armenian Garden located on the State Capitol grounds where there is a dedicated commemorative headstone and evergreen tree. The garden was established with the support of the Armenian community and AOC in April 1982. “We are very fortunate to have our own piece of land on the Capitol grounds,” says Sona Hedeshian, president of AOC. “We’ll be working to make enhancements to the site in time for the centennial in 2015”.


On Saturday April 17th, highly celebrated attorney Mark Geragos gave an inspiring talk in Denver. His lecture on litigating Armenian Genocide-related court cases, and some of the avenues he and his law firm are currently endeavoring to further document the Armenian Genocide through a legal perspective was very educational. Armenian community of Colorado was in attendance and greatly appreciated this unforgettable lecture.

Following Mr. Geragos’ lecture, the film Ravished Armenia was shown – a 2009 restored and edited 24-minute segment of the remaining footage from a historic motion picture. Ravished Armenia or “Auction of Souls” was the first movie about genocide ever made in 1919 by director Oscar Apfel. It is a very powerful movie with genocide survivor Aurora Mardiganian playing the leading role.

A coffee and desserts reception followed the presentation. Special thanks go to all the volunteers who made this a wonderful and memorable event. We extend our gratitude to those who attended, and look forward to seeing more members from the community at upcoming events.

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