In 1982, the State of Colorado designated the northeast quadrant of the State Capitol as
“Armenian Memorial Garden”. A commemorative plaque for the victims of the Armenian
Genocide was installed next to a newly-planted blue spruce.
In 2013, the State of Colorado authorized installing a replica of a medieval Armenian
khachkar, destroyed by Azerbaijan’s army in 2005, as well as reconstructing the Memorial
Garden for the 100 th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The historic unveiling of the
new Khachkar took place on April 24, 2015, during the Centennial Commemoration of the
Armenian Genocide.
We invite you to become a stakeholder by making a donation toward the long and short term
costs affiliated with maintaining the Memorial Garden and the Khachkar. Your tax-
deductible donation supports the Armenian Genocide Memorial Garden and Khachkar at the
Colorado State Capitol.